Plan Options

Meal plans for the 2020-2021 academic year.

If your living on campus in a Residence Hall, your required to have a 19 Meal Plan Plus 100, this allows each student to come and go for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during dining hours. When your in the dining hall, you're given a buffet with choices of full-course meals, not to mention all-you-can-eat.  

Dining Langston Bucks- $100 added to each card with a 19 Meal Plan . This plan provides you with Dining Langston Bucks to spend at our local restaurants "The Lion's Den, Jazzman's Cafe & Bakery, The C-Store" for late-night snacks, or grab-n-go meals.

If you live in off-campus housing, Residences can choose the Commuter Meal Plan. This provides students with $750 of Langston Bucks, that can be used anytime at our local Restaurants "The Lion's Den, Jazzman's Cafe & Bakery, The C-Store".